Extra Care

It’s time to take

Extra care of your skin

Oxygen peeling

Oxygen peeling is incomparable to other peeling materials. Vitamin C powder and peeling gel is mixed together, making oxygen bubbles. These bubbles pervade into the pores of the skin and exfoliate (remove dead skin cells). The ingredient AHA melts all dead skin cells deep in the pore, and at the same time the Vitamin C whitens and nourishes the skin. We recommend this to anyone who needs exfoliation care, skin texture care, and/or skin lightening care.
(The therapy will be done during the peeling stage of each service course).

Scrubber Machine

This machine maximizes the effects of the peeling. This is recommended to those who want perfect peeling with a machine after peeling with cosmetics. The irritation is not very strong, meaning exfoliation can occur without pain.
(There is not irritation but please decide after talking with the therapist).

(The therapy will be done during the peeling stage of each service course).



Ionto Machine

This machine maximizes the effects of the skincare. It allows any ampoule to penetrate deep into the skin, helping the active ingredients to act more effectively. The Ionto machine reacts particularly well with Vitamin C, so if you use the Ionto machine after oxygen peeling, which is a Vitamin C peeling, you will see an even more dramatic skin lightening effect.
(The therapy will be done during the peeling stage of each service course).

Gold Lifting Machine

This machine maximizes skin elasticity. After lifting the skin through a hand massage, using this machine will lift the skin even more. By vibrating 6000 times per minute the machine makes the skin more healthy and increases elasticity. We recommend this to those who need wrinkle and elasticity care. This therapy will make you look younger..

Mask Sheet & Eye Patch

If you want nourishing beyond ampoule and cream on the skin and around the eyes, you can add the mask sheet and eye patch. The mask sheet and eye patch nourishes the skin around the eyes and chin. After receiving this skincare you will be able to experience abundant moisture that you never experienced before.

Hand Massage #LoveSOME.(10~15min)

A hand massage relieves stress from daily life. The massage relaxes muscles from the hand to the arm, relaxing the body. You will feel refreshed after the massage.

Foot Massage #ForYou<3….(15~20min)

The foot massage includes feet, ankles, and knees. The feet are connected to all organs and muscles in our body. Thus, a foot massage can help circulation and relieve pain in our body. You will feel very satisfied if you receive a foot massage, more than other areas of the body. Enjoy relaxation throughout your whole body with a foot massage.

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