Our promise

Our professional facial therapist will conduct the appropriate therapy after personally examining your needs.

We store all tools and products with utmost care, thoroughly sterilizing all tools and products.

Depending on the needs of your skin, we use products generously.

Moisture & wrinkle care

Trouble care

Whitening care


  • Skin examination

    A therapist licensed in Korea examines your skin and recommends the appropriate service as well as plans the best skincare service. You can receive a skin examination and service that is only for you.

  • Cleansing

    This is the most basic and important step in skincare. If there is even a little make-up on the face, no good cosmetic will be able to go in the skin. Also, any make-up left on the skin can cause wrinkles and trouble.

    SOME uses soft Korean products several times to cleanly, perfectly remove your make-up

  • Peeling

    Our faces have a thin layer of skin cells that we cannot see. Through peeling dead skin cells are removed, and then the active ingredients in any cosmetics applied pervade better leading to a bigger effect. Just through consistent dead skin removal skin trouble can be relieved and the skin can become softer and lighter.

  • Machine

    SOME has a scrubber, which helps peeling; a gold lifting machine, which helps face lifting; and an Ionto machine that helps increase the effectiveness of active ingredients in cosmetics. Machine care effects unreachable areas deep in the skin, thus making your skincare more perfect and effective.

  • Face massage

    As an important part of the service, we provide professional massage using Korean products. This Korean way of massage does not merely apply products on the face, but removes any toxins and helps maintain the facial line. By removing toxins the skin becomes clearer and bloating is removed, so the face becomes smaller. The level of immunity of the skin increases, thus the skin is healthy, not easily irritated by outside factors.

  • Decollete massage

    SOME skin therapy also relieves muscles in the neck, shoulders, chest, and back. Toxins in the body are removed and circulation from head to toe is improved. Vitality in the face increases. Also, muscles in the body are relaxed, meaning the whole body is relaxed.

  • First Pack

    SOME skin therapy has a special facial pack that cares for white and blackheads and is effective in brightening. Depending on the service, it is possible to care for your needs more specifically by this facial pack before the second pack.

  • Second Pack

    After nourishing the skin with the massage and cosmetic products, we apply the second pack. The gypsum pack causes the skin to become hot when applied. This heat allows the nutrients from the creams and ampoules to penetrate deep into the skin. The modeling pack cools the skin. This pack calms the skin and allows for the active ingredients in the creams and ampoules to pervade the skin. You will be able to see softer and brighter skin after the second pack.

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