Professional Level 2

If you finish ‘Professional level 1’ course, you are qualified to take ‘Professional level 2’ course. The aim of this course is to provide candidates the required information and qualification to be able to work efficiently and effectively as skin care therapists including the theory and practical training in a wide variety of essential facial practical techniques. Our small class sizes allow for personal attention, enabling students to develop the skill and confidence required to succeed in a Facial Therapy industry. Skin care therapist certificate will be given to students who pass the final test by Some.

Accredited by Some Skin Care

15 hours/ 3 days a week for 12 weeks

13,500 EGP + Supplies fee(Optional)


  • Basic setting for facial service

    • Dress code & Hygiene for skincare therapist
    • Wagon setting (cosmetics, tools)
    • How to put turban
    • Bed setting
  • Skin diagnosis & skin Chart

    • Customer’s skin management Chart
    • How to write up to each skin type
    • Case study
  • 1st Cleansing

      • Face cleansing
      • Point makeup remove
      • Trimming of Eye brows
  • Deep cleansing

    • What is deep cleansing?
    • Kinds of deep cleansing
    • Characteristics of each Deep cleansing
    • How to do deep cleansing (AHA/ BHA/ Enzyme/ Gomage)
    • How to use Toner
  • Manual technique

    • Massage (Theory)
    • Face massage
    • Lymph drainage for skin
    • Neck and shoulder Massage
  • Pack and Mask

    1. Difference of pack and mask
    2. Kinds Effect of mask
    3. How to put Cream pack
    4. How to do gypsum mask
    5. How to do Modeling mask
    6. Introduce Trendy mask

Professional Level 1

The goal of this course is to obtain accurate knowledge of skincare, cosmetics, and skincare devices in order to consult customers and offer appropriate solutions to them, which will result in customer skin improvement, satisfaction, and trust so that the course attendee will be able to promote their products and solutions creating continuous value to their customers. Skin care consultant certificate will be given.

Accredited by Some Skin Care

8 hours/ 2 days a week for 6 weeks

4,500 EGP

* Intermediate course graduate :
2,500 EGP


  • Basic skin care theory

    Same with the intermediate course contents
    (Intermediate course graduate can miss ‘basic skin care theory’ classes for 2 weeks)

      • Anatomy and physiology
      • Epidermis
      • Skin type and concern
      • Cause of skin condition and reason
      • Skin diagnosis (practice)
    • Identification and attitude

      • Identification of skincare consultant
      • Identification of skincare therapist
      • Attitude of skincare expert
      • Hygiene
    • Deep knowledge of cosmetic ingredients

      • Effective ingredients of each skin type and concern
      • Ineffective ingredients of each skin type and concern
      • Ingredients analysis of cosmetics
      • Cosmetic consultation
    • Devices for skin care

      • Kind of skincare devices
      • Usages and cautions
      • Effective devices according to each skin concern
    • Food therapy for skin care

      • Inner beauty
      • Planning of meals
      • Nutritional supplements
    • Sales and customer service

      • Sales attitude
      • Marketing strategy
      • Customer satisfaction
      • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

    * Every week, there are review tests, group activities, and practices.

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