• SOME tour is travel buddy service for FIT: Free Independent Traveler, Just for you or your group

    Imagine that you have Korean friends in Korea.
    Your Korea tour will be easier, joyful, and exciting!


By selecting and purchasing our small travel items, you can make your own special journey! You should be pleased and just enjoy. We will support everything else to save your money and time.


Every single item includes a tour guide, “Buddy”. Just enjoy your own special trip and make unforgettable memory with your Korean travel companion at SOME! It is a chance to make relationship with Koreans.


We are consistently updating hot and trendy places where only Koreans know well. Enjoy tour themes and stories made by SOME friends. We invite you to travel deep inside Korea together!

56 happy customers
175 hot places
35 tour items

SOME is prospective tourism business venture chosen and supported by Korea Tourism Organization.

창조관광기업 BI

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